we are danalight

We see the world in colours. But not just that. To catch every sparkle of life, to perceive the world the way it’s meant to, and to discover new things, you need light.

That’s why we’ve chosen to do our collection of Danalight lamps in a wide range of strong colours. Because colour is the foundation of fun. And light is the source of life.

Surrounding yourself with light and colour ignites a home with a bright personality.

And brings out your own true colours.
We believe that lighting is more than just an element in your home.

Let there be light.

Fabric Shades

Unrivalled choice of fabric shades across most of the table & Floor lamps , in a range of materials, Cotton, Linen, Silk and Paper, plus a range of upholstery fabrics to give a co-ordinated look across an entire room.

Glass Shades

Passionate about glass and colour, our shades our made from coloured glass and NOT simply painted. 7 out of 10 shades are rejected during the production process to ensure that a quality product reaches the customer, the unloved shades are recycled in the glass factory and start the process again.

Major Distribution Changes

Danalight have been producing beautiful lighting designs from Denmark for over 20 years. We are currently consolidating our distribution warehouses to prepare for the change to a UK based distribution centre which will take place over the summer holidays. The UK is Danalight’s major market and it therefore makes commercial sense to have the point of distribution in your major market, reducing costs and providing a faster delivery time to our trade and contract customers. We will continue to distribute to our European customers from Denmark and then following the move deliveries will come from the UK.